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Japan's soda ash market is facing a supply shortage due to the reduction in imports of soda ash, Japan's soda ash inventory has fallen to less than 30000 tons by the end of 2006, and Japan's soda ash market is facing a supply shortage. At present, Japan's domestic soda ash production enterprises are still producing at a high cost with full load 3D printing, so as to maintain the balance between supply and demand in the market. However, due to the tight supply and rising prices in the global soda ash market, some businessmen believe that it is necessary to import soda ash from China, the United States and other countries in order to ensure the stable supply of the Japanese market

according to the statistics of Japan Soda Industry Association, the domestic demand for soda ash in Japan fell from 870000 tons/year in 2005 to 810000 tons/year, a year-on-year decrease of 6.6%. This is the third consecutive year of decline since 2003. The decrease in demand is due to the large number of PET bottles instead of glass bottles, and the widespread use of liquid crystal displays (LCD) and plasma display panels instead of electronic tubes (CRTs) for television

at the same time, the composition of Japan's soda ash supply has also changed: in 2006, Japan's soda ash output increased from 438000 tons/year in 2005 to 441000 tons/year, an increase of 6.6% year-on-year; While the import decreased from 430000 tons/year in 2005 to 370000 tons/year, a year-on-year decrease of 13.8%. In 2005, Alcoa established the world's largest aluminum lithium alloy production plant in Lafayette. Japan's imports of soda ash fell slightly below domestic production for the first time from the past, which has always exceeded domestic production. Imports were mainly from the United States and China. In 2006, Japan imported about 260000 tons of natural soda ash from the United States and about 100000 tons of synthetic soda ash from China. Enterprises producing experimental machines have spread all over the country, which is 10% less than the import volume. How to choose a suitable tensile machine? The following are the summarized steps: the above results in the reduction of Japan's soda ash inventory to less than 30000 tons at the end of 2006, which may lead to a supply shortage

at present, the total capacity of soda ash in the world has reached 45million tons/year, including 30million tons/year of synthetic method and 15million tons/year of natural alkali processing method. In 2005, the global output of soda ash was about 40million tons, and the operating rate was about 89%. The main producing countries of soda ash are the United States, China, Russia, India, Germany, Ukraine, France, Britain and Italy. In 2006, China's soda ash production capacity has exceeded that of the United States, breaking the 10million ton mark, and its products are mainly exported to Japan. However, due to the increase in domestic demand, China's export capacity has declined in recent years

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