Training details of the most popular Ruoergai vert

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Ruoergai vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAV training details

Ruoergai vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAV training details

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Ruoergai vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAV training details

there is a trace of nostalgia in everyone's heart. For people who have left their hometown, hometown is like a cinnabar mole. The longer it takes, the more colorful it becomes. No matter where they are, the most beautiful thing is hometown. ⑤ Social security: social assistance, social security agency and * * * management, preferential care and resettlement, legal aid, marriage registration, public employment services, social welfare institutions, public welfare rehabilitation institutions for the disabled, elderly maternal and child work institutions, student assistance management, retired cadre services, etc. ⑥ Public Security: weather modification, flood control, drought relief and fire prevention, emergency rescue command, radio monitoring, civil air defense command guarantee, information security guarantee, important or emergency material reserve, etc. ⑦ Social and economic services: basic surveying and mapping and public welfare geological survey. After the implementation of the new deal, AOPA UAV training ushered in a wave of enrollment boom. "As of the first quarter of 2018, the number of UAV driver certificates in China was 27079.

for people who have not gone far away, hometown is a way of life that gradually goes away, and childhood memories are increasingly blurred with the passage of time. Once, Mr. Yu Guangzhong said that when he was a child, homesickness was a small stamp, I was on this side, and my mother was on the other side. Now, I want to say that homesickness is a picture, a picture, and my hometown is in Boss, I'm outside

with the progress of science and technology, there is a more realistic way to store this homesickness, that is, to use the camera to record, freeze the hometown in your eyes, and retain the homesickness in your heart. What happened that led to the continuous escalation of combat readiness? Let's review this shocking scene together! It turned out that the "UFO" was a fixed wing UAV operated by Mr. Jin of an Aviation Co., Ltd. in Beijing. He drove with Mr. Tang and other four people to an open area in Fangezhuang, Guye District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. After assembling and testing the aircraft, he quickly lifted off and surveyed the mining area at a height of 1000 meters. Not only did the four people not have the qualification to operate the UAV, but they also failed to declare the flight plan in advance as required, which was a typical "black flight" behavior. UAV driving training has become the hottest topic, whether for the consideration of safe flight or the need for work

gradually, people began to be dissatisfied with shooting only from a parallel perspective. Looking down from the air, it is more wonderful. UAV shooting is well known by more and more people

aerial photography of UAV is a very popular project in recent years. Its flying posture and the pictures it records have deeply attracted a lot of photography enthusiasts

this way of looking down vertically from the world and photographing the urban style and urban landscape from the air can clearly and comprehensively see the rhythm of life on the ground, which is magnificent

"at present, the pilot of the project is progressing smoothly, and the logistics distribution of 5g joint UAV has begun to take shape." UAV delivery takeout site, Zhejiang Mobile staff told. The capture of position C is planned according to the situation, and it should be done according to the situation! The spring breeze of "unmanned aerial vehicles" blowing from the two sessions has attracted national attention, and the "two sessions" are about to come to a perfect end. In addition to a series of people's livelihood topics such as "employment" and "poverty eradication", this session of the "two sessions" also has a hot discussion on "unmanned aerial vehicles", "combined application of 5g and unmanned aerial vehicles", "scientific and technological innovation" and other topics, which have exploded in the circle of friends! What exactly did you say? Let's start with... The association is a national association representing the general aviation industry approved by * * *, registered by the Ministry of civil affairs, and in charge of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. It is also a national member of the International Association of aircraft owners and pilots (iaopa)

in fact, UAV aerial photography has not developed for a long time. The first generation of * * * appeared in about 2009. At first, model fans placed shooting equipment such as digital SLR in the fuselage of fixed wing propeller aircraft model, and the model controller operated the aircraft to fly over the shooting target

with the passage of time, from the first generation to the fourth generation of intelligent visual aerial photography era, unmanned aerial vehicles have achieved the transformation of integration, refinement, technology and specialization

like collecting and playing games, * * * also has a hierarchical order of advancement, from novice entry-level to amateur players, and then to professional aerial photography. The UAVs required at different stages are also different, so it is particularly important to choose a suitable one for yourself

what is this called? To make an analogy, this is called "Zhang Fei draws a fan and worries to death Qi Baishi". So we must prohibit this kind of thing from happening. As far as teachers are concerned, they need to do two things well. One is to teach in strict accordance with the outline and curriculum. The outline governs the content, and the curriculum governs the relationship between the courses, which is the embodiment of the law of education. Another is to strictly control the number and difficulty of homework. The number is easy to understand. What is the difficulty? Just don't give children those tricky questions, and give more teacher-student friendly questions. In this way, the problem of "acting for parents" can be solved. The difference between those with certificates and those without certificates is also obvious, with an average of about 5000 to 10000. AOPA is a certified UAV pilot training institution. The AOPA certificate is issued by the China aircraft owners and Pilots Association

novice entry-level machine

if you are a UAV aerial camera Xiaobai, the entry-level model should not point the instrument at anyone, which is your best choice. The most difficult thing about flying UAV is not technology, but being able to get started quickly and taking into account safety. At the same time, novice entry-level aircraft must be crash resistant

if you want to fly and have a good aerial picture, you must first pay attention to safety. Stay away from the airport clearance protection zone, military restricted zones, politically sensitive areas and densely populated areas, and follow the provisions of the temporary no fly notice for major activities

◆ Zheng Jie, deputy to the National People's Congress, also proposed that promoting the development of United unmanned aerial vehicles in combination with the general trend of 5g development is a major opportunity to achieve the breakthrough development of China's United unmanned aerial vehicle industry, so as to further promote the development of "low altitude economy". ◆ in addition, the keyword "key core technology" appeared for the first time in the government work report of the two sessions. At the same time, hot topics such as "promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries", "promoting the accelerated development of emerging industries", "deepening research and development applications such as big data and artificial intelligence", "employment priority" also appeared, which directly run through the development of the UAV industry. In terms of age structure, drone drivers born from 1986 to 1994 accounted for 60.38% of the number of drivers, becoming the main force of drone drivers

keep away from obstructions, metal buildings, radar and communication base stations and other places that are easy to interfere with UAV positioning. Pay attention during the flight and don't talk to the onlookers. At the same time, passers-by should also be reminded to stay away from UAVs in flight to avoid accidents. Before flight, some restrictions should be set on the app. The flight speed should be limited, the operation sensitivity should be reduced, and the pan tilt angle should be adjusted slowly during flight. If the flight speed is too fast, the propeller may appear in the picture; The speed of turning or pan tilt is too fast, and the video image is easy to blur

details of the training of Ruoergai vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAV

Yu Hang, co-founder of Hangzhou xunyilong Technology Co., Ltd., pointed to a building the size of a Square Pavilion in front of him and described it as a takeaway self delivery station for UAV logistics distribution. The top is the apron of UAV, and the small room below is the temporary storage place of goods. After placing the order for more than 20 minutes, I heard a buzzing sound. Sure enough, the unmanned aircraft flew over the receiving place with the package, and quickly landed on the apron above the takeout self delivery station. Scanning the code again, I only heard the sound of transporting goods from the self pickup station. Soon, the pickup window automatically opened, and the aroma of coffee floated out of the packed package

the most important two points: first, whether it has the strength of UAV R & D, production and manufacturing to ensure that the UAV trained can keep up with the times. 2、 Whether there is an industry application service team? Therefore, these production enterprises should establish a sense of society or cooperative UAV application service enterprises to ensure the integration of training technology and job skills, and realize the seamless connection of needs

flying in three-dimensional space, it is easy to distinguish the direction, while the stroke of the joystick of the remote control is very short and light, the novice operation is easy to use too much force, and the transformation of the captured picture is messy and has no aesthetic feeling. But in fact, aerial photography does not necessarily need to add so many special effects. After adjusting the nose point, start recording, and then gently push the putter in one direction, you can also take a naturally beautiful picture

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