Japanese machine tool export orders to China fell

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Continuous downturn Japanese machine tool export orders to China fell by 50% last month

original title: continuous downturn Japanese machine tool export orders to China fell by 50% last month

(Observer News) according to the "Japanese economy" on March 21, the Japanese Machine Tool Industry Association released the February machine tool order amount (fixed value) on March 20, showing that the export order amount to China decreased by 50.4% year-on-year, lower than the previous year for 12 consecutive months. The order volume to the United States and Europe was also lower than that of the previous year, and the performance of the three major export destinations was sluggish

it is reported that the export to China, which affects the future prospects of Japanese machine tools, continues to be depressed. The national composite center is one of the seven member research institutions of catapult network, and there seems to be no sign of recovery

specifically, the overall order volume of machine tools in Japan decreased by 29.3% to 109.7 billion yen, down from the previous year for five consecutive months. Among them, the external demand (export) decreased by 29.8% to 68billion yen. Exports to China, which accounted for 20% of foreign demand, fell by 50% to 14billion yen. For the construction of an innovation system with enterprises as the main body, the experimental method standard jgj/t 27 (2) 001 for steel bar welding joints of general machinery, which is close to the economic reality, is reduced by 40.1%

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in addition, the export of Japanese machine tools to the United States was lower than that of the previous year after two years in January, and also decreased by 21.1% in February, slowing down significantly. Exports to Europe also decreased by 18.2% for four consecutive months. Domestic demand fell by 28.4% to 41.6 billion yen, down from the previous year for three consecutive months

Yukio iimura, President of the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association (Toshiba machinery), who held a meeting in Tokyo on the 20th, said, "before, the customer said that it was impossible (to negotiate) to make a decision (easily), but now he is beginning to hear the saying that the project has been frozen". Yukio iimura therefore put forward the view that the deterioration of the market has become significant

according to the survey of the association, among member enterprises, the index (DI) of the enterprises that answered that the orders would "increase" from April to June 2019 minus the enterprises that answered that "decrease" was negative 11.1, down 6.9 percentage points from January to March

according to previous Japanese media reports, Yukio iimura said at the meeting in Tokyo last December that it had reached the international advanced level. There are many reasons for the decline in China's order demand, including China's "production adjustment to curb excess supply, the deterioration of the sense of prosperity of semiconductors, the downturn in smart demand, and the intensification of Sino US trade frictions and the wait-and-see sentiment of investment"

as for how long the downturn will last, Shinji Inaba, vice president of the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association (president of FANUC), predicted for the Chinese Mainland market, "the short term is half a year, the long term is 1 to 2 years, and the time span is large". Iimura also said that China's investment willingness itself still exists and has not been seriously weakened. He believes that "the last stagnation lasted about one year and two months. This slowdown may last for some time"

: Yu Pengfei

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