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Looking at the current situation and development of China's flexographic printing industry in another way of thinking

self confidence China took the lead in adopting the Cyrel digital imager (Digital flexographic laser engraving machine) (for the characteristics and application of this plate making technology, see printing magazine) )Since the flexographic printing supplement (Editor) in 2002, we have seen, heard and thought a lot. We are now writing our views on the current situation of China's flexo printing industry and its development in all aspects, and will discuss with the insiders

I. the development of flexo printing equipment and materials lags behind the requirements of the market

Xinhua company first introduced CDI flexible plate making machine, breaking the situation of traditional flexible plate making in China's flexo printing industry. Western developed countries have legislated one after another on the environmental protection requirements of commodity packaging in contact with human body. International commodity packaging has opened the eyes of Chinese people. With China's entry into WTO and the success of Shanghai's application for Expo, the development of China's green packaging printing has been encouraged, and the flexographic printing industry has prospered at the right time. In the face of environmental protection packaging in the market, Chinese commodities have put forward requirements for the design, plate making and printing quality of Chinese flexo packaging to be in line with international standards. From this point of view, the number of traditional plate making equipment and high-end flexo printing machines in China obviously lags behind the requirements of the market prospect. The introduction of new equipment and materials has become the primary condition for China's flexo printing to keep up with the development of the times. In the introduction of CDI digital laser flexible plate making machine, we took a step first

II. Development and application of process technology

lags behind the progress of new equipment and materials. In recent years, traditional flexo printing has printed a rare 175 LPI sample in the world on domestic flexo printing machines. We developed a 2021 PI flexible version of "snow view" with CDI flexible plate making machine, printed samples with 800 LPI corrugated rollers on domestic flexo printing machines, won the "high quality award" in the national flexo printing quality evaluation in 2002, and won the Bronze Award in the American FTA international flexo printing evaluation for the first time, setting a historical record of high flexo printing in China. The company has also made innovations in the production and development of flexible anti-counterfeiting technology, and the printed samples have also won the "high quality award" of quality evaluation. These newly developed technologies have been accepted by the China Intellectual Property Office for two patent applications

"a skillful woman cannot make bricks without straw". The development of new flexo printing equipment and materials is the material premise for the gradual formation and implementation of these technological changes. We just did a little work on the exploration and development of new technologies and achieved a few fruits! We feel that there are more new technologies to improve the quality of flexo printing hidden in the existing equipment and materials, which are waiting for everyone to explore and explore, so that they can serve the progress of China's flexo printing technology. In this sense, the development and application of process technology still lags behind the progress of new equipment and materials

III. The management of flexo printing industry lags behind the development of process technology

management is the reflection of the combination control of many factors in the production of enterprises, such as site, equipment, materials, finance, marketing, process technology, quality and the production and operation of all employees. It is a "bridge" to communicate people, materials, materials and finance. In the production of an enterprise, whenever a new process technology appears, it will collide with some salesmen, managers and production employees who hold the habit of the old process technology. This kind of collision and friction forms inevitable internal friction in the process of enterprise development. This gives management a difficult problem: on the one hand, for the normal operation of the enterprise, it is impossible to comprehensively implement new technology at once to avoid confusion in production; On the other hand, when a new technology is born, it is like a baby. It inevitably has some imperfections, which should be gradually improved in production practice. At the same time, there is also a process for customers to gradually accept and understand the advantages of new technologies from the actual results. Of course, more attention should be paid to protecting and supporting the internal enthusiasm for technological innovation. We understand that "how a company treats technological change is a very appropriate indicator to measure whether it has the internal driving force to become an excellent company" (Jim 'Collins, from excellent to excellent)

in order to coordinate this contradiction in development, it is more necessary to plan and make decisions, so that it can be mobilized invisibly and promoted into thunder, which is the unity of "Tao" and "strategy", and the integration of "potential" and "technique"; It is the fusion of passion and reason; Make the management thinking systematic and engineering. Therefore, the most difficult thing is to correct the old ideas so as to change the old production habits of managers and operators: is it to let the old process and technology hinder the development of the new process and technology - pull to the past and stabilize the present - but will lose the future, or to use the new process and technology to promote the transformation of the old process and technology - break into the future and strive for excellence

the working principle of deformation measurement of the core electronic universal testing machine we manage is "people-oriented". Structural features: it involves talent recognition, talent selection, talent love, talent tolerance, talent protection, talent utilization, talent cultivation and other aspects, which is "people-oriented", training and changing the old production concepts and habits of management personnel and production staff with new technology. At the same time, it should be gradually consolidated with strict rules and regulations, and run in a coordinated manner, so as to turn it into the fruits of industrialization

when a management system can continuously encourage employees to innovate in process technology, this management itself is a more advanced innovation! It can also lead the development of technology, which is an interactive dialectical relationship

IV. flexographic printing technology education lags behind enterprise management

in recent years, many college graduates of printing have come to work in the company. In practice, they have found that there is little education about flexible plate making printing in school teaching, especially the basic teaching of digital laser flexible plate making, which makes them unable to adapt to their jobs as soon as they arrive at the production department, and they often need a long period of training and relearning to adapt slowly. At the same time, there are few professional schools for flexographic printing technology in China (at present, only Xi'an Heiniu Machinery Co., Ltd. has a flexographic printing school, editor's note), especially lack of systematic modern teaching materials and excellent teachers before printing. This may be related to the objective factors such as late start, short time, poor foundation and far from mature market of flexo printing technology in China

flexographic printing technology education lags behind enterprise management. I do not know that this view is obvious. Objects with a less than g do accelerated motion with smaller and smaller acceleration; Is it right that the instantaneous velocity of the object reaches the maximum point when it reaches mg=kx? Can it attract the attention of relevant parties

some psychological educators believe that in the cycle of thinking, language, behavior, habit, character and destiny, once people have formed habits, it is difficult to change them, and the summary of habits in all aspects constitutes character and determines destiny. In the late 20th century, China's flexo printing technology has been in the traditional plate making and printing technology for a long time, forming a set of traditional concepts among people in the industry

production tools mark the stage and level of productivity development. The introduction and production of digital laser flexible plate making machine in China is a change and leap in the traditional flexible plate making printing technology: the exploration, research and development of new processes and technologies, so as to break the shackles of old traditional concepts and old production habits, trigger new theoretical thinking and new technical products, and thus promote the progress of enterprises and the development of China's flexible printing technology. This is the historical law that no one can stop in the development of flexo printing productivity

China's flexographic printing technology started late with a poor foundation and is in the primary stage of development. Therefore, in the flexo printing industry, whether in packaging art design, development or introduction of new equipment, development of new materials, improvement of old process, exploration and innovation of various new technologies, discussion and development of new theories, reform of enterprise and industry management mode, preparation of flexo printing education and training mechanism, exchange of technology and quality information, compilation of new flexo printing textbooks, selection and training of high-quality teachers, staff vocational training There is a very broad space for development in the exploration of corporate culture and the establishment of professional ethics! These prospects for sustainable development are encouraging people in the flexo printing industry to invest energy and make contributions

digital laser flexible plate making is an emerging technology in China, which is prone to short circuit and fire, unsafe to connect with electricity in case of water, and low human comfort. The market space is relatively large, and we need to invest a lot of effort. As for the law of "strong things are old", it is still early. ※

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