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Brief discussion on the current situation and development prospect of Cangnan printing and packaging industry, an industry with extremely redundant production capacity, has suffered the most hidden time since China's reform and opening up in the past two years. Among them, Hong Kong funded, Taiwan funded and foreign-funded printing enterprises have retreated in large numbers, which has become an obvious sign of the "ebb tide" of this industry. Under the circumstance that the economy suffers from the L-shaped trend and the task of capacity reduction is arduous, the printing industry has experienced a major reshuffle

however, since last year, Cangnan County, the most prosperous printing County in China, has had a number of enterprises quietly "bottom reading", secretly expanding production capacity or updating production lines. For example:

Zhejiang Jinyan Printing Industry Co., Ltd., which has been engaged in heat transfer printing for many years and must operate according to the procedures specified in the manual, introduced three nine color gravure printing machines at the end of last year. The dry spring relay responsible for counting signal input was damaged, resulting in no counting display, one ten color gravure printing machine and two fully active inspection machines. Now, all the new equipment has been put into operation successfully, with a total investment of up to 10million yuan

at the end of last year, Wenzhou Huanan Printing Co., Ltd., which has a large number of pharmaceutical packaging businesses in the southwest, spent 45million yuan to buy all bright smooth Tonghua Baili Krones Packaging Co., Ltd., which has GMP certification. At present, production has started

In April, Zhejiang Zhongguang Printing Industry Co., Ltd. introduced the Japanese Komori folio seven plus one UV offset printing machine, making up for the vacancy of the Wenzhou folio seven color plus one UV offset printing machine. The cost of this "big new year" light equipment exceeded 10million yuan. Earlier, Wenzhou Marlboro Printing Co., Ltd. also spent nearly ten million to purchase Heidelberg four open seven plus one offset press, and Zhejiang Chaohao Printing Co., Ltd. purchased Heidelberg four open seven color offset press. According to industry experts, there will be 3 sets of equipment of the same level introduced to Cangnan before August

what Chinese political analysts call the grand blueprint of the two reforms is not the word "reform", which can fully reflect the popularity of the 2015 Longgang printing and packaging equipment professional exhibition and the 2016 Longgang printing and packaging equipment professional exhibition, which also opened more bottom reading activities. Those equipment exhibitors who had been worried about sales for many years were happy and got nothing. It is said that some post press equipment manufacturers participating in the exhibition sold more than a dozen machines in Cangnan alone. The boss was very happy

in fact, Cangnan printing industry has experienced the pain of economic shift in the past two years. According to the statistics of Cangnan printing and packaging industry association, the business environment this year is not very pleasant. According to the statistics of Cangnan India Association on April 9 on the production environment of member enterprises after the Spring Festival, 62 votes (27%) were busier than last year, 78 votes (35%) were similar to last year, and 86 votes (38%) were the most different than last year

however, unlike the "collapse" opening and "escape" divestment of printing enterprises in Dongguan and other places, Cangnan printing and packaging industry, with its unique property cluster business form, seems to be more able to withstand the storm. Few enterprises are "defeated like a mountain". Even if they are trapped in the dilemma of the security chain, their business is still inexhaustible

therefore, we still can't see the real notice and follow-up trend in front of this kind of bottom reading. However, this kind of scene can clearly show that after the collapse and retreat of foreign-funded enterprises, the native and foreign-owned printing enterprises may have more opportunities to preserve. Foreign capital can withdraw, but foreign enterprises only need to "live to the death, and the rest is the king"

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