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Talking about cigarette brand packaging design

"consumers often can not distinguish a product from its packaging. Many products are packaging, and many packaging is products." Don Baker, a packaging design expert, believes that "packaging is the face of a brand. It is an easy thing to remember. Consumers immediately think of packaging when they mention a brand. Therefore, they must be careful when changing packaging. You must design an easily recognizable packaging for the brand". These words vividly illustrate the role of packaging in product sales. As one of the elements of tobacco marketing, tobacco packaging design plays an unexpected role in the market competition by making a special hammer fall freely from a fixed height to impact the sample of the tested material. Good tobacco packaging can stand out among many products

China's cigarette packaging has roughly experienced four development stages:

the first stage is the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China. At that time, the cigarette boxes were all big packages of 50 cigarettes, with a strong old Chinese color. Because of the lack of materials in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, we had to adopt centralized packaging. Compared with external packaging, people pay more attention to the use value

the second stage is the 1960s. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, cigarettes have gradually become a kind of daily consumer goods. Therefore, from the point of view of convenient carrying, small packages of 20 cigarettes are gradually popular, and cigarette packs are still mainly soft packs. At that time, however, cigarettes were poorly made and of poor quality. Smoking was as hard as a baby suckling

The third stage is after the cultural revolution. Great progress has been made in cigarette packaging. Aluminum foil paper, that is, tin bags, such as the "red tin bags" of Shandong Qingdao Cigarette Factory, were relatively good in both cigarette quality and outer packaging at that time. Later, the filter began to appear in the 1970s and gradually became popular; The last stage is after the reform and opening up. It can be said that during this period, the spring of cigarette packaging really came. At this stage, cigarette packaging has reached a new level every year. It is no exaggeration to use "rapid progress" to describe it. After 1992, China's cigarette packaging has reached the world level to some extent, and has always been at the forefront of the world. However, the phenomenon of excessive packaging is more prominent

according to an information, in a supermarket operating 15000 product items in the United States, the average shopper browses about 300 products per minute. Assuming that 53% of the purchase activities are impulse purchases, the packaging effect at this time is equivalent to a 5-second Standard Edition TV advertisement. Therefore, the communication effect of brand packaging exceeds that of general advertising under certain circumstances. Because tobacco packaging is close to the target consumer group and has the characteristics of accessibility and closeness, it can easily achieve the promotion of sales. It can be seen that good packaging design has an extraordinary charm. While moving consumers, it not only establishes the product image, but also achieves the purpose of sales. Therefore, in recent years, with the rapid development of the tobacco industry, more and more businesses have realized that the quality of cigarette packaging design directly affects the cigarette market share. Therefore, they have launched new packaging, which has improved the level of cigarette packaging design in China to a certain extent. For example, the gold medal "Yingke song", one of the national famous brand "Yingke song" series launched by Wuhu cigarette factory, is positioned as "the best among the high-end products" (at present, the retail price of the products of Wuhu cigarette factory is the highest). Based on this positioning, the designer has carried out the selection of materials and processes around the standard of "high-end products". The gold medal "welcome pine" developed this time takes the green welcome pine and the dreamy blue earth as the main style of packaging. The three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting image on the back of the cigarette box is made of anti-counterfeiting materials imported from Germany and printed by the boster bronzing machine. The anti-counterfeiting image is bright and has the same position and different image. The words "Yingke pine", "Wuhu cigarette factory" and "yingkesong" can be seen at different angles. In the very thin grating strip at the bottom gb/t 3098.5 ⑵ 000 fastener mechanical properties self tapping screw, the letters such as "trustseal" are carved by laser micro engraving technology, which can be seen only with a 20x magnifying glass. After adopting this anti-counterfeiting technology, the cost of cigarette boxes and strip boxes will increase. Wuhu cigarette factory has also selected more advanced imported anti-counterfeiting technology. At the same time, the cigarettes are made of imported vertical rib disc paper, and the domestic high-grade laser cardboard and other packaging materials are used on the cigarette packets. Using UV, frosting and other advanced printing processes, Wuhu cigarette factory has created another new cigarette product that integrates traditional classic formula and modern scientific processing

for another example, when Ningbo cigarette factory launched the silver "Dahongying" in 1994, the front pattern adopted the form of combination of anodized aluminum and concave convex technology. At that time, these two processes were widely used, and there was not much new idea. However, if they were used together, domestic manufacturers needed two processes to complete them. It was very easy to have inaccurate overprint or excessive pressure, and the electrochemical aluminum fell off, and the scrap rate was very high. For this reason, Ningbo cigarette factory specially selected enterprises with high production technology in Hong Kong to break through this difficulty through accurate pressure measurement of the hot plate, specially prepared exclusive ink and set the printing thickness. In this way, the printed cigarette packaging paper not only maintained the metallic luster of the matte silver cardboard material itself, but also showed a bright red color, so that the silver "Big Red Eagle" cigarette packaging maintained a high production technology level for a long time, Once launched, it was highly praised

however, there are also some tobacco enterprises that lack innovative consciousness in packaging design, and even step into the misunderstanding of cigarette packaging design. For example, some businesses excessively pursue the high-grade cigarette packaging, and have launched "top-grade" and "top-quality products" one after another“ ×× "Wang" and other packages would like to be wrapped in gold and silver and go to the extreme of heavy skinned and light goods, resulting in more expensive packaging than cigarettes. According to relevant data, in 2002, the direct cost of a single case of first-class cigarettes nationwide reached 3150 yuan, of which the packaging cost reached 915 yuan, accounting for about 30% of the direct cost of a single case of cigarettes, and some exceeded 50%. It is really an act of discarding the basics to the last. Most consumers want to buy good and cheap goods. This practice can only make them stay at a respectful distance. Those who really buy cigarettes can not afford to smoke, contributing to the wind of luxury and corruption; Lack of personality and blind pursuit of "foreign flavor". Some businesses seize the psychology of some consumers' worship of "foreign goods" and put a package with "foreign flavor" on the goods. There is not a single Chinese character on the whole package, and the overall "Westernization" is implemented, which makes people hardly see that it is a Chinese cigarette. As everyone knows, this design style does not adapt to China's national conditions. After all, China is able to understand "foreign culture". In terms of growth rate, the proportion of consumers is not large, so it is difficult to establish a brand image in the minds of consumers, and the result can only backfire; Others blindly imitate famous brands. Some businesses saw the psychology of some consumers' worship of famous brands, and made many similar "famous brand" cigarettes. For a time, the twin brothers of "Hongtashan", "Malboro", "555" and other famous brand cigarettes were everywhere in the market, misleading consumers and infringing consumers' rights and interests

packaging is the face of a brand. Therefore, many tobacco enterprises attach great importance to tobacco packaging design and take it as a card of market competition. However, some tobacco brands blindly pursue high-end products, so that the "rice" is more expensive than the "Pearl", which makes consumers have no desire to consume the burrs around the 4.6 punched and cut disc. So what principles should tobacco packaging design follow? (to be continued)

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