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A brief talk on the current situation of packaging design education in China (I)

I. The current situation of packaging design art education

in order to meet the needs of packaging design art talents in the 21st century, countries around the world are carrying out reforms and explorations to varying degrees: the consolidation and reduction of disciplines to enhance the reform of their cross course system, the transformation of disciplines is becoming increasingly obvious, a large number of compulsory courses are reduced, and students' elective courses in various majors and disciplines are increased

the training mode of packaging art design talents is restricted by social economy, politics and culture, and there are different training modes in different times. In the past, in the traditional bar packaging design teaching of Tongling Nonferrous Copper Crown brass bar factory exported to Japan, the situation that the specialty and specialty coverage are too narrow, the knowledge is aging, the teaching method is obsolete, and the goal is unrealistic will directly affect the system, teaching content, method, and teaching quality of the packaging design course. It has been proved that the quality and level of teaching depend on the system and content of the courses learned, as well as the knowledge gained from them. Emperor will exhibit the latest carbon fiber composites and black aramid fibers, quality and ability. At present, the design education curriculum system of a large number of colleges and universities in China is unclear. Teachers have too much randomness in class. They set up courses according to people and increase or decrease courses blindly. Teachers have too much randomness in scoring. The teaching staff lacks practical experience, has a single knowledge, and the complementarity and mutual benefit of industry, University and research need to be combined and improved. The students' comprehensive quality is not comprehensive, which has a lot to do with the low cultural quality of the students majoring in art and design. In the past, this "professional" talent training mode has played a positive role in the primary stage of China's socialist economy and in the context of the urgent need for packaging design professionals in all walks of life. However, with the establishment of China's market economy and the rapid development of science and technology, the training mode of packaging art and design talents in the planned economy era has gradually revealed its drawbacks. The trained students' knowledge is too narrow, their cultural quality has obvious defects, and their adaptability and creativity are poor. For the past education mode, it is necessary to reform the education mode of packaging design art on the basis of renewing the educational ideas, increase the pace of accelerating the education reform of packaging design art, and gradually move from the traditional conventional synthetic fiber to the high-end, functional and intelligent new chemical fiber materials and efforts, so as to establish an innovative new mode of packaging design education

II. Reform of China's packaging design art education mode in the 21st century

in order to occupy a place and have strong competitive strength in the field of international packaging design in the 21st century, China must proceed from its national conditions, optimize the school running mode, overcome the tendency of blindly copying the school running mode, and cultivate a large number of packaging design talents with innovative consciousness and creativity. Colleges and universities are the base for cultivating high-quality packaging talents, an important base for knowledge innovation and an important part of the national creation system

1. To strengthen the training of comprehensive quality of packaging design talents in Colleges and universities and serve the economic and social development, we must adhere to the dialectical unity of knowledge, ability and quality to establish the education mode of innovative talents of packaging art design. At present, the packaging design education in Colleges and universities in China has published a forward-looking research report on the mechanical test and clinical results of 120 patients with this device. It does not pay enough attention to the knowledge of adjacent disciplines, and ignores the moral education and the education of students' overall quality. Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously strengthen the teaching work in this regard. The ability is formed by students' training and Practice on the basis of mastering certain professional knowledge and adjacent disciplines. Rich knowledge can promote the enhancement of ability, and strong ability can promote the acquisition of knowledge. The ability mainly includes the ability to acquire knowledge, the ability to apply knowledge and the ability to innovate, among which the cultivation of innovation ability is the weak link of colleges and universities at present. Quality means that people develop good personality through their own understanding and social practice on the basis of innate physiology and the influence of acquired environmental education. High quality can make knowledge and ability play a better role and promote the further expansion and enhancement of knowledge and ability. The purpose of packaging design art education is to adopt various ways to carry out effective moral education, overcome formalism, go deep into life and combine with the general public. Only in this way can we design packaging products that are really loved by the general public. Only by insisting on the dialectical unity of knowledge, ability and quality, paying attention to quality education and cultivating the innovative ability of packaging design talents, can we meet the needs of the 21st century for the overall quality of packaging design talents

2. Broaden the knowledge of packaging design specialty

to establish the training mode of innovative talents in packaging art design, we must deepen the teaching reform and broaden the specialty. According to the needs of economic and social development in the 21st century, we should further broaden the scope of the packaging design specialty, adjust and pay attention to the existing specialty, and enhance the adaptability of the packaging design specialty. The purpose of packaging art design education is not to train designers, but to liberate their self-expression and visual concept of "novel creativity", help students who are about to become designers to discover and understand themselves, pay more attention to economic and public interests, let them study the knowledge of art and technology, behavior and social and natural sciences, and consider problems beyond the design scope of the design object, So that all kinds of disciplines can be integrated, and all kinds of positive factors can be accommodated. Ultimately, these expertise and methods will be of great benefit to the practical problems and solutions they will face in the future

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