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On the relationship and difference between digital workflow and JDF

digital workflow is an indispensable and important part of the networking printing environment. Without digital workflow, CTP digital proofing and networking printing have no foundation to realize. The combination of perfect digital workflow and advanced equipment and management can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and comprehensively improve the product quality and efficiency

the key of digital workflow is to realize the smooth communication of graphic information, production control information and the whole workflow. Its core is a unified working format throughout the whole process, connecting different types of equipment with different functions into a whole for coordinated operation, and realizing the integration of graphic information flow, production control information flow and non-technical management information flow. PPF and JDF promoted by CIP3 and CIP4 are two device independent standard formats that play such a role

by using this standard format with equipment independence and page independence, various control information or management information can be saved in the format file in the form of digital data in advance, and then transmitted to pre press, printing and post press equipment, converted into corresponding instructions, and preset each equipment to be operated. JDF is the inheritance of PPF. There are great differences in the language basis, specific content and the integration degree of the whole electronic computer universal material testing machine for tensile testing of rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproof materials, wires and cables, ropes, wires, metal rods, metal plates and other materials

jdf operation format

in order to widely adapt to the requirements of printing and publishing, e-commerce, automation and calculator integrated manufacturing, CIP3 expanded CIP4 and published the JDF work definition format based on CIP3's PPF and Adobe's pjif. JDF integrates e-commerce and production management into the digital workflow to realize the large-scale integration from business to management to production

jdf is jointly developed by Adobe, Agfa, Heidelberg and Roland, and then handed over to CIP. CIP released JDF version 1.0 in april2001 and the latest version of 1.1 in April2002. JDF uses extensible language XML to compile reality, and its data structure is also a tree node structure. It inherits the advantages of PPF and pjtf, and overcomes the limitations of PPF itself when establishing the first new materials research institute led by private enterprises in the West. It integrates many different standards or scales into a more effective and better scheme, laying a foundation for the development of digital chemical process in the future

The emergence of JDF has laid a foundation for the development of printing industry and will bring a new revolution to the printing industry. Many experts have called the upcoming drupa 200 as "JDF drupa", which will really stimulate the overall technological progress and upgrading of the industry. JDF is in the stage of time development to achieve air breaking performance, and combines all stages of the accelerated automation process into a continuous production process

it is gratifying that the digital chemical industry and process system of Jimo JDF has emerged in China, that is, founder Changyou digital workflow system. Changyou not only supports JDF input, but also its internal operation voucher format is JDF

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