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On the conception and positioning of packaging design (III)

II. Design positioning the concept of "positioning" was first put forward in 1969. The product packaging has achieved remarkable results by determining the existence of liquid phase. Therefore, foreign countries call the marketing strategy of the 1970s "positioning" strategy. In the early 1980s, some European and American packaging design experts came to China for academic exchanges and introduced the theory and method of positioning design

the method of positioning design is to divide the information obtained from investigation and research into three aspects, and then carry out positioning

the first is the positioning of trademark, indicating who produced it

the second is product positioning, which should reflect what product it is, whether it is a new product or a traditional product, and what characteristics it has

the third is consumer positioning, which clearly considers who the various experimental regulations are produced for, to whom they are sold, what class and group they belong to, whether they are aimed at the domestic market or the foreign market, etc. These three aspects of positioning can be divided into several small parts

1. Trademark positioning

trademark is the symbol of commodity manufacturers. If it is a newly designed trademark, there is a problem of positioning the design itself. The design orientation of the trademark is to contact the commodity, the manufacturer and the easy to recognize and remember

(1) the trademark should be consistent with the commodity attributes, and do not use some obscure names. Huili brand sneakers, MAXAM cosmetics and other brands can represent the nature of commodities, so they are easy to be accepted by people

(2) the brand highlights the corporate image and connects with the manufacturer. For example, Shanghai Guanshengyuan is a well-known food manufacturer, and the brand of food is uniformly named after it. Even if it is a new product, it gives people a sense of credibility

(3) the trademark should be easy for consumers to recognize and remember, and the design positioning should consider the use of unique graphics and iconic colors. For example, the trademark "Feiyue brand" has a strong visual impact because it looks at the graphics and reflects the attributes of electrical products

2. product positioning

can be divided into the following aspects:

(1) product category positioning:

for example, cosmetics, is it skin care cream or nutrition cream? Is it lipstick or eye shadow cream? What kind of perfume is it? Another example is milk powder, including full fat, semi skim, full skim, breast milk, amino acids, multi-dimensional, instant and so on. In the design, it is necessary to emphasize which kind of product the product belongs to, so as to help show the characteristics of each product. Product positioning is D. the length, force unit and display digit shall be dynamically interchanged so that consumers can get very clear information rather than ambiguous information. Some products have little difference, so they should be carefully designed to distinguish them from other products

(2) product feature positioning:

due to the different raw materials, production processes, use functions, shapes, colors and so on, the products have certain characteristics. Even some similar products have different characteristics, so these characteristics should be emphasized in the packaging and decoration design to distinguish other similar products. For example, in the packaging of checkers colored pencils, there are many similar colored pencils, but the designer of the packaging cleverly designed the packaging into a checkers board. The colored pencils are both stationery and checkers for playing checkers. They can be both practical and toys. Compared with similar products, they have their own distinctive characteristics, unique ideas and unique styles

(3) positioning of product use time:

the use of some products has a certain timeliness. For example, some cosmetics are used for morning makeup, some are used before going to bed at night, and some are used during sunbathing to protect the skin. For another example, the use of some wedding gifts, birthday gifts and other products has a certain timeliness. Therefore, the concept of timeliness of product use should be reflected on the picture

(4) product grade positioning:

the packaging of goods should pay attention to reputation and should be consistent with what is inside. This is a design principle that should not be violated. Generally speaking, price reflects the quality level of products. The designer should consider the packaging and decoration design according to the product price, which involves the problem of product grade positioning. The appropriate grade positioning can accurately explain the value of the product. We should not design the packaging of low-grade products to be very expensive, which will increase the production cost and sales price, thus increasing the unnecessary burden of consumers and making people afraid to pay attention; Nor can the packaging of high-end products be designed as the packaging of low-end products, which is inconsistent with the value of the products. However, the packaging and decoration of low-grade products must not be shoddy, and the packaging and decoration of high-grade products must not be extravagant

3. consumer orientation

the sales target of products is a point that modern packaging and decoration design must attach great importance to. Ignoring the needs of consumers is not marketable. Consumers should feel that this commodity is produced for their needs

(1) social class positioning:

consumer positioning should consider whether the consumer is male or female; Children, young people or the elderly, as well as different cultural accomplishments, different social status, different nationalities, different living habits, different economic conditions, different political and religious beliefs, different psychological needs, different family structures, etc

(2) positioning of psychological factors:

a very important aspect of successful commodity packaging and decoration design is the use of psychological influence. The only difference between the same product and the same packaging and decoration form lies in the configuration of color, which often leads to different psychological effects and different choices for consumers. For example, some goods are sold to children, but children's products are generally purchased by their parents or elders. Therefore, children's products should not only be attractive to children, but also consider the psychological factors when parents choose goods for their children. At present, when designing some series of goods for children abroad, we take into account the psychology that parents always hope to make their children receive more education through a variety of ways, and we often print some informative and interesting stories on the packaging. Although these contents are not related to the products, they can touch on the parents' psychology of paying attention to the development of children's intelligence. For another example, there is a rollin rock company in the United States, which produces beer. Since its establishment in 1939, its business has been good. However, after entering the 1980s, the sales volume dropped sharply, and finally had to be sold to the Rabat family. The new owner of the company is marketing expert John? Shapel. As soon as schapper left, he made drastic reforms to the company, one of which was to change the shape of beer bottles. He redesigned a kind of green neck bottle and painted it with conspicuous artistic decoration. It looks like hand-painted, which is very eye-catching among many beers, making lorinrock beer not like a popular product, but a noble quality. This kind of bottle is more suitable as a decoration than a package, and many consumers think the beer in this kind of bottle is better to drink. Later, when the sales volume of rollin rock beer was rising, people asked about the mystery. Shaper replied: "the green bottle is the key to establishing our competitive advantage." This is the effect of packaging container modeling and decoration through the psychological factors of consumers

in addition, some words on the packaging can also have considerable psychological effects on consumers. For example, in China's milk powder market, imported milk powder accounts for a large market share. By comparison, it can be found that the words on the package of imported milk powder are very rich, including important matters, precautions, feeding table, disinfection and preparation methods of milk utensils, nutritional data, nutrient content table, production date, plant site, etc. Moreover, the imported milk powder will tell consumers exactly how much milk powder should be mixed with how much boiled water in the packaging instructions. For example, "liduojing" also clearly points out that "using less or more than the specified amount of milk powder will make the baby unable to get proper nutrition or cause dehydration. Do not change the milk concentration without medical advice". However, when some domestic enterprises blindly guide consumers to "so and so milk powder can replace breast milk", liduojing wrote in its advertising language: "breast milk is the best food for infants. Before you decide to choose a large amount of infant milk powder, you should first listen to the opinions of doctors." This negative attitude is actually the best respect for consumers. As long as yes, all kinds of information about feeding babies with milk powder can be seen on the packaging of imported milk powder. Some people may think this is unnecessary, but it is absolutely useful for young mothers. According to Nestle's survey, all parents who have fed their babies with "liduojing" milk powder have read this series of materials on the packaging and taken them seriously. In fact, these materials are the only motivation that has been guiding young parents to buy their products again. In the eyes of Chinese people, especially those graphs and tables, which can reach millions of yuan per ton, represent authority and a formal, professional and formal thing. It is these charts and various materials that make young parents trust this product very much and believe that it is of superior quality. (1) (II) (III) (IV)

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