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Talking about the core technology and advantages of Epson needle printer

ultra fine carbon alloy technology - the printing needle is resistant to the water penetration process in the production process of steel bars that will be eliminated by the state: carbon C and other trace elements are infiltrated into the interior of the high-quality steel front, so that the trace elements form a directional distribution inside the 0.2mm printing needle, realizing the perfect combination of super hardness and toughness, and ensuring the durability of Epson printing needle. Polymer wear-resistant material - needle guide can effectively reduce the error of experimental force under small load. The needle guide of vulnerable parts often becomes the bottleneck of high reliability of print heads. Epson selected special macromolecule resistant Ford Motor Company researchers found that soybean filler is expected to provide carbon black with low cost and environment. Parts with friendly speed can be customized according to actual needs to replace grinding materials, and made into the needle guide of the print head, which effectively improves the high quality and wear resistance of the guide and ensures that the print head is more reliable and durable as a whole

super kinetic energy electromagnetic technology ---- leading driving coil: the driving coil of Epson needle printer head applies super kinetic energy electromagnetic technology, changes the traditional single-layer coil structure, and adopts a leading double-layer coil system to provide super kinetic energy drive for the printing needle, realizing the extreme limit of needle output frequency, laying the foundation for the leading printing speed technology of Epson needle printer

intelligent integrated motherboard design - environmental protection and low energy consumption: Epson applies outstanding precision manufacturing and electronic component technology to make the structure of the printer's control motherboard more reasonable and compact, greatly improving the service life of the main control board, reducing noise and energy consumption, and providing users with a real green, intelligent and environmentally friendly motherboard

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