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Although the doors and windows are in the stage of high-speed development, the competition is becoming more and more intense. Especially recently, various household enterprises have set off a wave of listing, which makes many brands feel a lot of pressure. Facing the trend of listing, door and window enterprises cannot blindly follow the trend. They need to accelerate the integration of upstream and downstream resources according to their own strength to promote the transformation and promotion of door and window enterprises

the situation of the new normal is clear about the direction of development

door and window enterprises should have a clear understanding of the current market situation before they can make correct decisions and plans. First of all, at that time, the slowdown of China's economic growth has become the "new normal", and it is an inevitable trend for the development of doors and windows industry to change from high-speed to medium and high-speed, which is an irresistible trend of the times; Secondly, the slowdown of China's economic growth does not mean that China's economic development is retreating, nor does it mean that China's economic growth will go down all the way. On the contrary, the "new normal" actually contains new impetus for future development, and exists to complete better and longer-term development

finally, in the "new normal" situation, it is bound to strengthen the competition mechanism of "survival of the fittest" and screen door and window enterprises that do not know transformation and promotion and are not competitive. Therefore, door and window enterprises should recognize the market situation and respond in time

expand the construction of industrial chain and complete the transformation

under the "new normal" situation, door and window enterprises are more or less faced with development bottlenecks, mainly manifested in the increased pressure of environmental protection, the rising cost of labor and raw materials, the frequent occurrence of homogenization, the form of development of door and window enterprises and the imperfect industrial chain, etc. Because the "new normal" is irreversible, and risks and opportunities coexist, door and window enterprises must bear and actively respond to it if they want to break through under the "new normal" situation

first of all, door and window enterprises should accelerate the pace of transformation and promotion, from extensive to economical and high-quality development, and take the road of environmental protection development; Secondly, door and window enterprises should innovate production processes, invest in scientific and technological forces, reduce reliance on labor, develop new products, innovate promotion methods, and reduce the occurrence of homogenization; Finally, door and window enterprises should increase the construction of the industrial chain, integrate upstream and downstream resources, promote the cooperation of all links of the industrial chain, and promote the high-quality change of the whole profession

in general, in the face of changes in shopping malls, door and window enterprises can win sustainable development as long as they adapt and change, actively find ways. Of course, we should combine with reality. The most important thing is to improve our inductive strength, integrate upstream and downstream resources, and subdue the mall with quality service




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