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Autumn is coming. In this harvest season, precision craftsman Anhui Dingyuan Xitian store. Dingyuan County, located in the east of Anhui Province, is the county with the largest population and area in the east of Anhui Province. In ancient times, Dingyuan was known as "connecting eight cities and connecting nine provinces with Quzhou". Now, it is still the North-South hub of China. Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway and Huainan railway run through the territory, and Beijing Taiwan expressway runs across the territory

with the continuous improvement of brand awareness and strength, today's fine craftsman franchise stores have been spread all over the country, covering the first and second tier cities and major consumer areas. This time, the fine craftsman healthy board successfully settled in Dingyuan, Anhui Province, which has important and far-reaching significance for further expanding the influence of the fine craftsman brand in the country and improving the service quality to consumers in various regions

the reason why fine wood craftsmen are so popular with consumers stems from years of fine wood making! Quality is always the first time! Since the establishment of the brand, we have always adhered to the business purpose of "independent innovation, quality first, service first". The craftsman of fine materials adheres to the dedicated spirit of "grinding a sword in ten years" and takes professional environmental protection technology as the production core to make more homes become eco homes. Compared with the traditional service mode, the one-stop service of refined craftsman boards is more perfect and in place, adhering to more humanized considerations, running through every link of "pre-sale - sale - after-sale", and has been highly recognized by consumers

national chain of fine wood craftsman Anhui Dingyuan exclusive store (general agent)

address: No. 8110-8113, Wanhui decoration City, Dingyuan County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province

address 2: 11-1-5, Hengrui City, Dingyuan County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province

official website of ecological plate fine wood Craftsman: www.jcyjbc Com

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