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Qingfeng dimming glass (atomized glass) is a new type of partition glass that can instantly (powered on) switch between transparent and atomized (powered off). Qingfeng dimming glass (atomized glass) is a new type of partition glass that can instantly (powered on) switch between transparent and atomized (powered off), so it is also called photoelectric glass, To a large extent, people protect users' privacy at will. Throughout the development of dimming glass at home and abroad in recent years, more designers prefer the application of smart glass. At present, a large number of film and television plays have applied dimming glass in film and television works. After watching the film, some viewers will exclaim that the dimming glass in the film is a future technology or special effect. In fact, it has been more than 30 years since the advent of dimming glass. It has been developed in China for nearly five years. From the price of more than 10000 yuan (rich and noble) to the current price of more than 1000 yuan (ordinary people), it is already looking for people to use

Hollywood movies in the United States even used the magic of the instant transformation of dimming glass into atomization to replace special effects, and once regarded it as a marketing gimmick to enhance the high-tech sense of American blockbusters. In scenes such as Wolverine series, X-Men series and early Schwarzenegger's films, you will see such scenes: when people enter the room, the glass behind them will become frosted milky white; Once a person leaves, the dimming glass automatically becomes transparent. In fact, it's just the function of intelligent electronic control dimming glass

in recent years, Chinese local films have also seen some wonderful scenes of glass atomization and the transformation of intelligent transparency

in 2012, the action film "cold war" was released, which won wide acclaim and many awards. Guo Fucheng, who appeared in "cold war", returned to his office. With the press of the remote control, all the transparent glass suddenly became atomized, and the external environment was cleverly separated from his internal environment

there is also a picture of intelligent dimming glass in the film "second exposure": the boyfriend is just taking a bath, and the heroine Fan Bingbing presses the switch on the wall before leaving. The bathroom glass is transparent and atomized. When bathing with warm water, the glass surface will become atomized, and most people may not notice that this is the change of the glass itself

in the "all-out war of ruffian heroes" starring Huang Bo, dimming glass products are also shown in the play, which allows ordinary consumers to see the practical application of intelligent dimming glass and led glass products

in 2018, as a popular product of Qingfeng, intelligent dimming glass was the most popular new product on the market. Due to its combination with modern technology, it is very in line with the consumption propositions of young people at present, and integrates different styles and colors. Once it is put on the market, it quickly became the first choice of young groups in social media mapping and video exposure




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