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The 19th China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo will be grandly opened in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall and poly world trade exhibition hall from July 8 to 11. At that time, Deville will also "dress up" at booth 2, No. 10, hall 10.2, block B

in July, the building materials Festival. The 19th China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo, known as the first building materials exhibition in Asia, will be grandly opened in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall and poly world trade exhibition hall from July 8 to 11. At that time, Deville will also "dress up" at booth 2, No. 10, hall 10.2, block B, and compete with major brands. We look forward to your attention

as a "regular guest" of Guangzhou Construction Expo, Deville, who has 12 years of industry experience, certainly needs to show some real skills in time! In order to give back to the majority of fans, Xiaobian also became a "spoiler party" this time, taking you to dig deep into the highlights of Deville 2017 Guangzhou Construction Expo

highlights an exhibition hall

the exhibition hall design of a brand largely reflects the positioning and pattern of the brand. This time, the nearly 300 square meter aircraft carrier class exhibition hall of Deville was unveiled in booth 10, hall 10.2, area B, with the support of Tesla luxury sports cars and hot car models. Of course, it is worth your visit

the exhibition hall is dominated by simple square shapes, and its shiny appearance is particularly fashionable, which has won the hearts of young people. It echoes with the modern style products in the exhibition hall inside and outside. At the same time, it shows Deville's youthful market positioning and leading industry design taste

highlight 2 product part

in the customized furniture industry with serious homogenization, independent innovation and R & D and design ability have become the core competitiveness of an enterprise brand in the forefront of the industry. After a long period of market research and innovative design, Deville will show the new customized product of the whole house - Sheng Ru Xia Hua series for the first time at the exhibition

on the basis of modern style design, Sheng Ru Xia Hua series integrates natural elements, and presents a new urban lifestyle for young groups with a vibrant attitude

highlights three cabinets

in the past two years, whole house customization and large home furnishings have always been the keywords of the Construction Expo. Since last year, the de Ville brand has also been comprehensively upgraded to "de Ville whole house customization". Therefore, to enter the field of whole house customization, a perfect product line is indispensable! In this exhibition, you can not only see the customized products of various indoor spaces, but also see the latest cabinet products launched by Deville

Deville has a variety of overall cabinet styles. At the same time, it cooperates with major well-known kitchen electric brands to provide one-stop kitchen customization solutions for each family, so as to truly achieve the customization of furniture in the whole house

highlights four articles

big home can be said to be an extension of the whole house customization, and it is also a major trend that the Construction Expo focuses on. In addition to the field of cabinet furniture, household products have also become a market that can not be ignored by powerful brands. This year, Deville launched a number of new cabinets and mattresses at one go, which also indicates that Deville is opening the door to the field of large home furnishings

at that time, you can go to booth 10, hall 10.2, area B, and experience the first new mattress of Deville in the mattress area of Deville exhibition hall

highlights five plank article

the "appearance" and "connotation" of furniture products are equally important, especially young consumers' growing awareness of environmental protection, and Furniture Customization cannot be left on the surface. North American solid wood, as a new solid wood plate produced by Deville this year, will certainly appear at the exhibition

North American solid wood is derived from the native coniferous forests in the Canadian Rockies. It is built with three core technologies, which further improves the environmental protection quality of Deville products

highlights six advertisements

spoiled the "little secrets" in the exhibition hall. Let's go outside the exhibition hall and feel the advertising blockbusters of Deville 2017 Guangzhou Construction Expo

the omni-directional advertising covering online, offline, inside and outside the exhibition hall and transportation hubs is the epitome of the rapid development of Deville in recent years, and also the current strong brand strength of Deville

highlights 7 science and technology

customized furniture industry integrates manufacturing and service industry. Using the power of Internet technology can not only greatly liberate productivity, but also subvert the traditional customized service system of terminals. Therefore, customized furniture enterprises testing water e-commerce have emerged one after another. However, the farsighted Deville can always take the lead and bring all kinds of "black technology" to your experience.

Deville keeps pace with the times in e-commerce mode, and has successively added vr virtual reality and ar Augmented reality experience to help innovate the terminal marketing mode and expand the marketing radiation. Face to face marketing may not be a dream! Don't believe it? At that time, you only need to go to booth 10, hall 10.2, area B, and flash through the equipment in the e-commerce experience area, and the realistic 3D indoor effect image will be immediately presented in front of you

How about ? Did the above spoilers arouse your strong desire to watch the exhibition? From July 8 to 11, the four-day China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo is a grand ceremony that major brands and intended investors can't miss. Without delay, Deville is waiting for you at booth 10, hall 10.2, block B




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